How to use OpenTrak with my WisNode Tracker?

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Helium Integration

  1. Goto Helium Console.
  2. Add your WisNode Tracker to the console. See Instructions.
  3. To add a Integration, go to Integrations on the left-hand menu. Select the integration to add – in this case, the HTTP integration.
  4. The next step is to paste the HTTP endpoint.
    • Enter under endpoint URL.
    • HTTP Header and Value are not required and those can be left blank.
    • Lastly, provide a name for the integration.
    • Click Add Integration.
  5. Goto Flows > Devices
  6. Drag and Drop the Device to the Dashboard
  7. Goto Flows > Integrations
  8. Drag and Drop the Integration we just added to the Dashboard
  9. Connect Device to Integration in the Dashboard
  10. Your device should start sending location data to
  11. Your device’s location can be accessed from Example if your Device EUI is ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP, you can goto
    • Alternatively, you can goto OpenTrak and enter your Device EUI in the search box.

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