Agro-Tech research

Research is focused on the development of sensors for agriculture, and use of sensors to create integrated systems that have positive impact on the farming outcomes.

Goals – Development of accurate electrochemical sensors, Autonomous farming systems, Early pest detection technologies

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Energy Efficiency Research

Research towards development of systems and models that enable monitoring of energy profile of infrastructures and HVAC systems in industrial and commercial settings.

Goals – Development of systems to optimize building energy, HVAC health monitoring systems, Machine vision model to convert analog to digital data

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Environmental Sensing Research

Development of devices to monitor environmental metrics, and predict environmental emergencies using prediction algorithms. 

Goals – Development of water quality monitoring device, Prediction models to identify algae blooms

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Microfluidic HTE Research

Research on microfluidic platform to carryout High Throughput Experimentation(HTE) on different aspects of chemical workflow.

Goal – Development of easy cassette HTE platform, Development of multi-sensor reaction platfomrs

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