IoT (Internet of Things) is a billion-dollar industry that is gaining significant traction in a number of fields. Through the use of low-power radio wave technology across a wide area (LoraWAN – Low-power Radio Wave Wide Area Network) the device communications can be done with minimum energy usage and fewer deployment of signaling stations. Further, the low energy for the communications side allows the devices to be more compact and built with more focus on the applications. This low barrier to provide blanket coverage over large areas of land makes the IoT with LoraWAN such an attractive option for businesses that value efficiency.

IoT ecosystem build upon the interaction that takes between the sensor device and the end-user. There are several key phases involved in this life cycle that generate value to the user from at each of the step.

Device Connection, Sensing, Communication

Analysis, Data Mining and Quality of Life

The initial phase of any IoT application involves the device integration, where the suitable sensors are selected for the application. This is followed by the sensing phase where the data is collected. The collected data needs to be communicated to the appropriate avenue using LoraWAN (or any other suitable communication technology). The communicated data is analyzed to convert into useful information. All the data and information over time are analyzed to further recognize patterns, that would enable accurate predictions. At the end of these phases, the end-user obtain insight into the application of interest that allow improvements that enable improvement of quality of life.

Did you know… IoT Off-Grid is developing hardware and software solutions for your everyday use?

As a hardware development and manufacturing company focused on optimizing IoT and 5G coverage in helium ecosystem, IoT Off-Grid have gained significant community following. Thus, allowing use to expand into LoRaWAN application space to provide utility to help in practical usage of the Helium network that the community is building. 

The Internet of Things has endless possibilities and with the far-reaching establishment of the Helium Network, the applicability of LoRaWAN has become effortless. We can now provide autonomous solutions for businesses, communities, and everyday needs. By integrating within the world of IoT Solutions, we can create novel applications, while also improving on current technologies by making them more efficient and more proficient. 

There are many ways IoT can be integrated to your existing business to either solve an existing business or explore areas to use the technology to maximize profits. Due to the rich technological ecosystem of the IoT space, there are always applicable systems that can address any issue customers can bring forth. Versatility, utility, and ease of IoT application systems can help your business too!

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