It is important for a company to keep track of its moving assets for several reasons. Knowing the location and status of these assets can help with cost management by optimizing operations and reducing unnecessary fees. Risk management is also improved by tracking moving assets, as it allows a company to identify and mitigate potential risks, such as protecting high-value assets from damage or theft. In addition, tracking moving assets can increase efficiency by using real-time information to optimize routes and reduce downtime. Finally, many industries have regulations that require companies to track their moving assets, such as rules around the maintenance and tracking of vehicles in the transportation industry. Overall, keeping track of moving assets helps a company manage costs, mitigate risks, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance.

The LoRaWAN coverage offered from existing networks such as Helium Network or The Things Networks can be used to detect the GPS sensor signal out in the real world. The LoRaWAN network relays the data to the IoT Off-Grid backend hosted on the secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure IoT Core. The data received from the sensor are processed through the IoT Off-Grid Dashboard that facilitate a user-friendly visualization.

This solution involves using a physical GPS tracker provided by IoT Off-Grid, which needs to be attached to the asset that needs monitoring. Within the areas of the LoRaWAN coverage, the GPS tracker will send signals every 6 hours (this time interval can be changed based on user request.) IoT Off-Grid Dashboard will conveniently provide visualization of the locations of assets to easily monitor them for the clients.

IoT Off-Grid Asset tracking Suite allows the users to seamlessly integrate large quantities of assets into our tracking platform using GPS trackers and monitor them without any disruption to the business. No additional legwork is required from the businesses apart from attaching the tracker to the asset of interest. Our tech team will work with the company personnel on training and advice on effective management strategies with asset tracking tool.

Many industries can utilize asset tracking to improve the overall business workflow.

  • Vehicle and heavy Machinery Rental Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Read Sign Leasing Companies
  • Boat, Bike and recreational Vehicle Rental Companies
  • Live Stock Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Trucking and transportation Industry
  • Public Transportation Companies(Buses and shuttles)
  • High Value Deliveries

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