Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What should I consider before buying the solar outdoor enclosure?
    You should consider whether you have a location to place the enclosure, where it will get enough direct sunlight and get a good WiFi connection(if you are using WiFi, if you are using your own 4G device within the enclosure this is not an issue).

  2. How can the miner connect to the internet if it is inside the enclosure?
    You can have wireless WiFi connection between your home internet router and the miner inside the enclosure. The enclosure allows you to place the miner at an outside location with good coverage without having to draw pesky wires and drill holes all over the place.

    If you are going completely off-grid, then there’s a 5V USB power socket to connect a 4G over the air modem to provide internet connection to the miner.

  3. What temperature range can the enclosure operate?
    We suggest the operational temperature range be -10 to 60 degree Celsius. We are coming out with a temperature control module soon as an add-on, which will allow operations at very low temperatures.

  4. Why do I need to select a miner configuration when ordering the enclosure?
    Every miner operates at different voltage and current ratings, so we need to make sure the enclosure we are sending you runs at the rating of your miner.

  5. Can I return the enclosure I purchased?
    You can cancel the order within the first 24 hours after placing the order for a full refund. Afterwards, we do not issue refunds. Due to high demand, as a company policy we do not accept returns. If you have an issue please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to resolve it.

  6. Do the enclosures have warranties?
    Yes, they have a one year limited warranty on parts(Solar panel, enclosure, charge controller, Voltage modulator – One year | Battery – Six months). Any module defect malfunction will be replaced with a replacement module after proper assessment. However, any failure due to improper use will not be covered by the warranty.

  7. Can the enclosure get hit by lightning?
    Yes, this is a very real possibility. To minimize this we have make the miners with non-conducting material. However, if users construct unsecured poles or placement on very tall buildings, without proper lighting protection, the lighting strikes may destroy the enclosure along with the precious miner. Please make sure to follow all precautions to ensure both safety and security of assets.

  8. How long will the battery last?
    The rating on the battery is minimum of 500 cycles which would last up to 1.5-2 years. However, depending on environmental conditions this can change. There is a limited warranty on the battery for 6 months, where any manufacturer defect will be covered.

  9. Can I hang the enclosure off my balcony or patio?
    While this is a possibility, we strongly discourage this. Enclosure should be fixed to positions that are well secured.

    If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us at using the form or by emailing us at [email protected]

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