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Individual Usage

Individuals can use the platform by integrating their WisNode tracker onto the Helium Console and connecting to the OpenTrak(How to Guide).

Upon successful onboarding of the device, the tracker can be monitored using the platform indefinitely with no time limitation.

Tracking History: The platform will keep the previous 7 days worth of tracking history, and anything prior will be permanently deleted from the platform.

This platform can be used in many ways to get introduced into the world of IoT GPS tracking and enhance your life.

  1. Personal tracking: Keep track of your personal belongings, such as your car, bike, or luggage. This can help you locate your belongings if they are lost or stolen.
  2. Pet tracking: Keep track of your pets. This can help you find your pet if they get lost or run away.
  3. Elderly care: The whereabouts of elderly family members who may need assistance. This can help ensure their safety and well-being.
  4. Asset tracking: Track the location and status of assets such as vehicles, equipment, and tools. This can help you manage your inventory more efficiently and reduce the risk of theft.
  5. Recreational Tracking: Track your road trips and hikes to monitor the road travelled and paths taken.

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